ResourcesResults for the SDGs

Inter-agency pooled funds facilitate the achievement of outcomes by providing predictable and efficient financing

The MPTF Office monitors progress towards results using the following methods:

  • Results-based-management system. Well-designed trust funds rely on solid results-based management frameworks that integrate strategies, people, resources, processes, and measurements to improve decision making, transparency and accountability. To facilitate a focus on results across its portfolio the MPTF Office developed a results-based management (RBM) system. Click here to learn more about how it works (link to how we track results).

  • Reporting on results. Every fund administered by the MPTF Office reports annually (April the following year) on primary results and progress made against intended outcomes, as per UNSDG guidelines. This report informs partners about results achieved to date and how their resources made a difference and also assists governing bodies in setting the direction of each fund. Annual and consolidated final reports can be accessed here. (link to narrative reports).

  • Track financial allocations towards SDGs. This feature is available for a selection of funds and will be expanded across our portfolio. Partners can use this tool to track financial allocations against specific SDGs and targets through our pooled funds (link to SDG dashboard).

The MPTF Office works continuously with partners on improving pooled fund efficiency and effectiveness, and is coordinating UN efforts to share best practices on developing a set of common management features for all development-related inter-agency pooled funds. This is a critical part of UN Funding Compact commitments—the mutual pact made between Member States and UN organizations to improve how the UN is funded and delivers results.

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