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Our core principles cut across all MPTF Office work, allowing us to provide the highest trust fund management standards to our partners at lower costs.
  • Efficiency in business processes means investments reach their destination quickly with low transaction rates. Business efficiency and cost-effectiveness are our hallmarks, and by implementing cost-efficient measures the MPTF Office avoids cross-subsidization from other resources. Our administration services are more affordable than direct implementation, which results in the delivery of efficient services and financing to those who need it most thanks to the standardization of agreements, adherence to UNSDG guidelines, and smooth operation of financial and narrative reporting systems.

  • Accountability requires robust transparency standards, which is why the MPTF Office publishes all available financial information in real-time on Gateway. Mutual accountability among stakeholders and solid governance arrangements are central to fund design. All reported investments follow IATI and OECD/DAC standards while we align MPTF Office Gateway accountability measures with new UN financial data standards.

  • Innovation takes on different forms across MPTF Office services. We ensure top quality fund design and flexibility when adapting to the changing nature of SDG partnerships or attracting and handling private capital (blended finance, bonds, or other financial instruments).

All MPTF Office functions have a client-oriented approach as our staff work closely with partners to provide solutions for an array of humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding contexts.