Why Pooled Funding

Why pooled funding?Why pooled funding

Because success requires solid, flexible, robust, transparent, and reliable financing, inter-agency pooled funds are a critical instrument. Important for financing UN action, pooled funding delivers on SDG promises and fine tunes how the UN fulfils its mandate. Pooled funds bring the UN together, strengthen coherence, reduce fragmentation, broaden donor bases, spread risk sharing across partners, and make it easier to tackle multi-dimensional challenges with comprehensive and innovative solutions.

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The advantages of pooled financing include​​:

Transparency and agility
A low-cost mechanism that uses UNSDG pre-cleared standard legal templates and MPTF Office online platforms for transparency and management purposes.

Robust theory of change
Stakeholder-led design fully aligned with SDGs.

Center of gravity
Aligns projects and programmes around SDGs, reducing duplication and fragmentation across multiple projects.

Humanitarian-development-peace nexus
Pooled funds provide flexible financing suitable for cross-sector collaboration across the entire nexus.

Pooled financing expands the number of partners that contribute to, and implement, funds.

Fully aligned with the UN reform process to deliver better results through joint action.

New generation of climate funding
Contemporary and innovative financing instruments for climate-focused and conservation action.

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