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POOLED FUND PORTFOLIODynamic portfolio for investing in the SDGs worldwide

The UN Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office administers a broad portfolio of inter-agency pooled funds. Each fund is a multi-stakeholder partnership with a specific thematic and geographical focus—and all are designed to respond to a clear theory of change, fill existing financing gaps, and support collective action. Once a new fund idea has been designed it is moved to the hard pipeline and readied for operationalization.

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Our portfolio is organized around major thematic clusters that cover major areas of UN action (humanitarian, transition, development and climate). Some funds address multiple categories that include funds that allocate flexible resources to projects across the humanitarian-peace-development nexus.

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The MPTF Office administers pooled funds to achieve diversity in geographic scope. Some funds are designed to spur global action while others focus on making development gains in one country or in a specific region.


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